TrainNewMexico Help and Information Page

What is the TrainNewMexico web site?

TrainNewMexico makes available on the internet all the classes being taught in New Mexico for the Developmental Disability provider agencies including direct service agencies, therapy agencies, case management agencies, and the Long Term Services Division.

What can I do on the site?

The goals of the first version of the site are to present a calendar of all the training classes being offered, and to provide an email registration system to the trainer of the class where that has been made available.

How was the calendar produced?

Adelante Development Center has a contract with the LTSD to provide a large number of classes that meet the LTSD training requirements, and to also develop and disseminate a statewide calendar of all the trainings offered not only by Adelante, but by many other providers that have been qualified to teach the LTSD classes.

Adelante gathers the class training information from all the providers and enters it into a database that is then made available through this web site.

How do I look up a class?

You have a couple of options to search for a class, from the home page. Next to "Classes: ", you can click on the Down Arrow button to find a course title. Pick the course title you are looking for and then press the Search button and you will be taken to a list of all the classes for that course.

How do I find out more details about the class?

From the class listing, you can click on the name of the class and a screen will appear that tells more about the class.

How do I register for the class?

Next to the class, you will see the link "Register." Click on the link and you will go to a registration page.

How do I get more help on using the system?

Emaill Donna Long at or call her at 341-7106 for assistance. Donna is Adelante's Training Coordinator and can answer questions about the classes and with the web site.